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For all your repair, restoration and servicing needs for Vintage Valve Radio

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Based in Stockport, Cheshire N.West England but offering Nationwide Service!

Formerly Dab Hand Radio.. Same people, new name! We DO NOT repair DAB Radios!

WELCOME!! If you are seeing this your password worked and you have reached the

Apprentice Zone!

Thank you for your Joining Fee which is to provide some support for the materials I will be sharing with you in the future. I will now have your email and ‘land’ address which is solely so I can contact you directly and, if required, send you items which you might seek or need when repairing a radio. Rest assured I will NEVER divulge your email or address to anyone else. What’s said/done in The Apprentice Zone stays in the Apprentice Zone!


The Vintage Radio Repair Shop                              Apprentice DISCLAIMER

For insurance reasons I have to put in here a Disclaimer concerning the nature of our activities which will include working with electrical circuits which have high voltages which can be lethal…. Of course SAFETY is my paramount concern but I do need you to accept that working on old valve/tube radios can be dangerous and I need you to cut and paste this paragraph and return it to me by email as an acknowledgement of the risks involved.

Please digitally sign it and return to me,    Name                                Date                   


This Apprentice Zone will soon be populated by information/hints/tips/ but mainly responses to queries and requests made by you, the Apprentice! I hope that this will be the foundation of a long and useful relationship where we can share expertise and learn together. I’m especially looking forward to the discourse I will be having with those of you from The States and the Far East where the radios can be very different to that which can be found in the UK!

Input dated=March 28h 2020       More to follow! Keep checking in!

Corona Virus!      March 28th 2020

Due to our lock down plus supporting our daughter with to little ones, two lively boys under four… I’ve been stumped for time and have had to take my eye off this ball!

If any of you want to have a refund I’d totally understand and we can ‘re-start’ after all this mayhem is over. Just drop me an email and I’ll sort it  (I feel very guilty having other peoples money and not being able to start this as dynamically as I thought!)

In the mean time I’m very happy to respond to specific questions so keep them coming and I’ll do my best.

Thanks for your understanding…. I am working on a couple of videos which with a fair wind and a bit of luck should be on here within a few days… Best wishes all!!